Getting Started

How to navigate the library

Main Navigation
On the landing page there are three main tiles each representing our key areas of service; Bike Racks, Bike Trainers, and Bike Infrastructure. When clicked on they will send you to their respective libraries.

Image gallery navigation
Once you are in a gallery page you will see a search bar and some quick filter options. This is the recommended navigation as it is quick and easy. If you are looking for more specific materials, below the search bar are more options that will take you to alternative asset pages.

Understanding current promotions
Towards the bottom of our landing page you will see a "Current Promotions" section. This is where you will find all of our current promotions to gather the assets you will need. There will also be a notification in the banner that will let you know when we are running our promotions.

Navigating our Brand Logo section
At the bottom of our landing page is a "Brand Logos" button. This will allow you to download our logos for your use. JPG's have a white background while PNG's have a transparent background. EPS versions are scallable and can be easily inserted into programs like Adobe Illustrator.
*When using our logo please read our guidelines under "using our content" for proper usage.

How to download content

To download simply click on the image and check your downloads folder. If you want to download multiple simply click the checkbox in each image and then select the download button at the bottom right of your screen when prompted.

If you have any issues downloading or getting access to images please reach out to your contact or notify our customer service.

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