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How to Make the Most of Your Smart Demo Center

We’ve been rolling Smart Demo Centers out onto the floors of IBDs for a few seasons, and we’ve seen first-hand how these centers set shops up for success within the Smart Trainer category. Over the past few seasons of the program, we’ve seen exponential growth for dealers with Demo Centers – upwards of twice the growth of a non-demo center smart dealer! For customer’s already interested in smart trainers, you will have the most efficient selling process to close the sale.

The real beauty is in the new customer generation. We’ve been amazed by the stories (and frequency) of a customer walking through the door with no intent upon buying a trainer, but because of the Smart Demo Center, they are now training with smart. That is awesome!

When it comes to making the most of your Smart Demo Center, it’s not just about dedicating the space and making the investment in the display – it’s also about maintaining a clean and effective center, training staff on the product and selling process, marketing the demo center and smart category in your area, and maintaining proper stock levels to meet the customer’s expectations. Having the demo center alone won’t cut it.

And while we're always here to advise and help you through this process, here are some quick tips to guide your Smart Demo Center success:

1. First Impressions Count

Task one employee with maintaining the look and function of your demo center, and incentivize them based upon the category success (e.g., special EP, swag, etc.).

Here are some examples of Demo Centers that sell product. Is this how your Demo Center looks? It is critical that it look the part for the level of product that is being represented.

CycleOps indoor trainer
Saris demo center
Saris demo center
Saris demo center

2. Training Matters

Make sure staff members have completed all of the CycleOps training on Saris Training Camp.

3. Educate Your Customers

Hold an “Intro to Smart Trainer” night in your store and educate interested consumers about the product and experience. We are more than happy to help with content or anything else you might need. Assets can always be found here to support your outgoing marketing efforts.

Saris demo center
Saris demo center
Saris demo center

4. Forgo Special Orders & Maintain Stock

The retail experience has changed, and customer expectations are at an all-time high. If a customer walks into a store, and they are looking to take something home, make sure you are stocking accordingly.

Product is available to you either from us or our distribution partners, giving you quick access to refills, but you need to have product on hand at the height of the season, including trainers and supporting accessories. Maximize the customer experience and satisfaction and they will come back.

5. Create a Cycling Community

Review our 10 Ways to Use Your Smart Demo Center to do just that.

If you aren't a Smart Demo Center dealer, and even though our program has officially ended, we can certainly guide you through setting up a successful demo center. Just reach out to us at sales@saris.com, and we'll be happy to help!

Cyclist on indoor trainer